Road to Ropes 2015 – Local Hero 2 TurnCable

Road to Ropes 2015 - Local Hero 2 TurnCable

Road to Ropes 2015 – Local Hero 2 TurnCable

Road to Ropes

Recap #8

TurnCable, Germany


Germany, the land of Cable Parks…  with almost 100 cables in the country, it was sure tough to pick where I was going to go, especially considering I was going to be on a time crunch and I couldn’t cover much terrain in the van, in the time I had. I just had to follow my intuition about where to go when I picked the destinations, and I sure did well to do so! So after a lot of driving, a stop in Salzburg, Austria (and a hiking weekend in Italy – why not!), I was on my way to TurnCable.

van-shot-1-of-1-1024x682I was lucky enough to have awesome people waiting for me at TurnCable. After quite a long day of driving into the heat wave going through Europe at the moment, I finally reached the spot and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the facilities (not that I was expecting anything else, really!). In good old German fashion,  everything is well done: the building is modern, the restaurant is really sharp : with both indoor and outdoor seating as well as a bar and a rooftop patio, you have the choice when it comes to pick a seat for a post-session beer or meal!


TurnCable-5-of-10-1024x682I was warmly welcomed by Elliott van den Boom, a Kiwi guy who pretty much made TurnCable his home spot after working and riding here for 4 years, as well as his friend, photographer and other cable operator, Lukas Riedl.


As they were showing me around, I discovered that the cable park is much more than just a cable: There is also a nice grassy area for people to come chill, barbecue and swim in the lake. That area is also equipped with a beach volley court and a skateboard ramp: something for everyone!


One thing that I though was a great initiative was to plan a place for people to camp on the premises. TurnCable hence has a tent area and a camper/ van area, both right on the 2.0 lake and equipped with electrical outlets. Showers and bathrooms are also available, which makes it nice and easy for everyone coming to spend a couple days.

Turncable-2-of-1-1024x682Now let’s get back in the heat of the subject with what I think interest everyone the most here: the cable itself.

Again, the owners didn’t go half way: we could even say they went all in! The cable park includes 2 full-size cables side by side, each one turning in a different direction, as well as a 2.0 system with spotlight right on the water for some night time sessions. No matter if you are regular, goofy or prefer the pull of a 2.0, there is an option for that!



The feature park is very comprehensive as well, as you can see below (more info on the TurnCable Website):


1 Kicker small 7 Optimus-Prime 13 Kicker small 18 Rooftop
2 Kicker big 8 Taxi 14 Kicker big 19 WSK
3 Fun-Box 9 Spliff 15 Postbox 20 Relentless
4 Batmobil 10 Straight-Box 16 Slider 21 Straight-Box
5 Uprail
11 Nico´s 17 Tree 22 Spine
6 Kanister  (temp.)
12 Beaver


All that being said, I have to say that once again, I was very lucky and was welcomed with opened arms by everyone on the spot.  Even though I had only been there for a few hours, I was invited to share an awesome barbecue as if I was a long time friend coming to visit, and we wrapped up the day with a night time session and attempt to photoshoot on the 2.0 system, all the way into the middle of the night.


TurnCable-2-of-10-1024x682Even if I was only there for a short 24 hours, I had a blast and I am very much looking forward to come back one day!



Next stop: DownUnder in Utrecht, Netherlands.


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