Were you eager to discover it? It’s finally here, the 2019 Slingshot Wakeboards collection presented by your favorite riders !

“The 2019 wake range is officially on the ground, and available for your viewing pleasure…And it just so happens that it landed on the 20th year anniversary of Slingshot Sports! We’re thrilled to be offering the widest range of wakeboard sizes and models to date, for 2019. Check out the all new Bishop board, designed for next generation shredders like Blake Bishop. When it comes to boots we made them LIGHTER (so you can jump higher) and more USER FRIENDLY (so your mom can mount them up to the board for you). As expected, the GUMMY STRAPS continue to dominate the podiums of every “best boot closure system” competition we’ve ever entered. New Wakesurf board models will have you coasting along farther than ever before. Finally let’s not forget about the HOVER GLIDE MODULAR FOIL – continuing to infiltrate stoke-meters around the world, turning virtually every vessel into the ultimate towing machine and every body of water into an adult playground.”

The 2019 Coalition

There’s not a board or crew with more hype surrounding them right now than the Coalition. This board breeds creativity. No obstacle is off limits and no surface is un-ridable, because where there’s a way – theres usually a coalition club member willing to prove it. This is the board for them…and also for people who loves space.

The 2019 Bishop

If YKWTFGO then the Bishop is the board for you. Blake is our go to guy when it comes to questions like “what are all the cool kids up to these days?” So, naturally when we asked Blake what the best board he’s ever ridden was and he replied “The 146 Solo”,we though it would be pretty rad to build him one of his own…

Water Gunn

Look like a master on the rails and charge into kickers with confidence knowing that your board has been there and done that. Tested by the best, unfortunately blaming the equipment won’t be an option for this one.

2019 Terrain

The first ride on the terrain is like when you first discovered the cheat code in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater that kept your special meter pinning the whole session. You’ll be feeling like the king of the rails almost instantly thanks to the soft flex pattern.

2019 Solo

We ridin’ Solo…The only board you need for every type of boarding. Wake, park, winch, grass, dirt, snow? The Solo is for the rider who never knows where they’ll end up and prefers to pack light – 1 weapon to slice the surface several different ways.

2019 Nomad

The Nomad will re-invent the way wakeboarding feels behind the boat and in the park. 155cm is the new 145cm and the Nomad started it all.

2019 Pill

The Pill will buck you off your feet if you’re not prepared. This board delivers explosive pop, traction and speed for the dedicated boat rider. A perfect transition into the future from stiffer more traditional boards.

The 2019 Windsor

James and his board have taken more laps at more parks in more places around the globe than anyone else on the team…A Million Laps? It’s possible. Even if it’s just half a million it still makes us dizzy to think about. Regardless of the math, when we say built to last and tested tough, we mean it.

2019 Contrast

A women’s board for girls with commitment issues. One day she loves cable, the next day she loves boat. Then suddenly the winch is tickling her fancy. For all these types, the Contrast is the answer.

Check out Carro with the Slingshot girls around Turncable on #unleashedwakemag

2019 Whip

There’s no time for rest on the Whip. Every Corner, kicker, and obstacle are yours for the taking. Designed alongside the cable legend Steffen Vollert, like a fresh set of tires, the Whip’s got grip you can count on, leading to high performance fast pace riding – Now THAT’S German Engineering

2019 Super Grom

A pro level board design in a kid friendly size – for the kid who was never a fan of the training wheel phase,
the Super Grom helps the young shredder bypass the plasterboard stage and move straight into the performance / progression stage.

2019 Shredtown Board

The Shredtown crew and their board have been in hairy situations and found themselves asking “is this even possible” more often than anyone else in the game. Luckily they’ve made some great discoveries along their journey that have helped open peoples minds to what is possible on a wakeboard. Most everything we love about the direction of the sport right now is the result of their efforts, and to get the job done this is the board they trust.

2019 Shredtown Boot

As the first two-piece boot system, the Shredtown boot has bred creativity since day 1, and continues to take riders into new territories of progression.

2019 KTV Boot

The KTV boots provide the most secure and customizable fit imaginable – because your progression starts with comfort. They also feature a new lightweight chasis which allows you hang out in the sky for longer.

2019 RAD Boot

The name says it all. The RAD boot is the foundation of the Slingshot boot line…With a traditional lace closure and futuristic GUMMY STRAP, this boot has been defining the term RAD since 2011.

2019 Valley & Jewel

A badass park board for a badass chick. The Valley is the toughest board on the dock without question,
and the girl who chooses this board is almost always described in the same way. This ain’t no sparkle and
butterfly show, it’s the real deal, made for chicks who take their riding seriously.

A pro level boot for girls who can’t be bothered by the whole pink butterfly and sparkles campaign. This boot is high performance, tough, and durable, made for the full-time shredder.

Enjoy the Slingshot 2019 Wakesurf and Foil collection on #unleashedwakemag


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