TAO – Daniel GRANT – the Video Of the Year !

TAO - Daniel Grant

TAO – Daniel GRANT – the Video Of the Year !

Who don’t know Daniel Grant ? This kid doing wakeboarding since he got 9 years old and Unleashed discover him at 11 years old when nobody know a kid like him exist on this planet.

Now Daniel is running to 18 years old this year December 23th to be precise, and for celebrate that he gonna release his awesome Video named “TAO” on this birthday day.
Follow all the News about “TAO” through this website: www.waketao.com
This is the teaser enjoy it, share it, Like it, and stay tuned on UNLEASHED to swatch the FULL EDIT DECEMBER 23TH ….

For the luckiest People of this planet, Daniel organize a PREMIERE in BANGKOK NOVEMBER 27th With RIP CURL , Put on your TODO List !

Film and Production by Brandon Thomas, Music by Bear Karry.
Additional filming by Skateway, Bobby Srinkapaibulaya & Ripcurl.

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