Tina Bessinger & Leslie Kent | WWA Wakeboard Nationals | 1997


Tina Bessinger & Leslie Kent | WWA Wakeboard Nationals | 1997

After the focus on Jeremy Kovak at 1997 WWA World Wakeboard Championships , it’s time for the girls ! Tina Bessinger and Leslie Kent finals at WWA wakeboard nationals in 1997 look old but gold.

Tina Besinger & Leslie Kent

Grabs, 540, back flips… yes this is national finals.

From Ryan Shimabukuro on Youtube.

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About the WWA

It is the leading source for riders, events and competitive standards and the undisputed sanctioning and governing body for the sport. For 28 years the WWA has been the world’s premier provider of amateur and professional wakeboard events, sanctioning and rules; “developed by riders, for riders”. Since its inception in 1989, the WWA has empowered the sport of wakeboarding to progress and evolve naturally by providing various amateur and professional sanctioning programs, protecting its riders through extensive amateur and professional membership levels and allowing freedom and opportunities for organizers to grow the sport.


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