Trever Maur | Hyperlite Insight Series

INSIGHT - Trever Maur

Trever Maur | Hyperlite Insight Series

Trever Maur path to professional wakeboarding can be traced back to 90’s when film had the more impact on our sport than anything else. Coming from a family that cherished their time on the water will strike a chord as many have developed this passion from similar roots. Enjoy the beginning of a new series from Hyperlite called “Insight” and get to know Trever the way we do.

INISIGHT – Trever Maur, From the Beginning from Hyperlite Wakeboards on Vimeo.

Trever Maur’s 2nd installment of the “Insight” series highlights the challenges that go into capturing a clip or two and the satisfaction of getting it done. Part 2, “The Struggle” takes us back to the spring when California was getting tons of water opening up urban winch spots. It’s amazing what goes into nailing just one shot.

INSIGHT – Trever Maur, the Struggle Preview from Hyperlite Wakeboards on Vimeo.

The “Insight” series from Trever Maur is happening at this very moment. Part 3 “Present Tense” brings us up to speed on exciting times and changes in Trever’s life. He also shares with us his vision on what being a pro in today’s sport is all about as “Insight” brings us into the now.

INSIGHT – Trever Maur “Present Tense” from Hyperlite Wakeboards on Vimeo.


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