Valters Osnieks | Milzkalns Wake Park


Valters Osnieks | Milzkalns Wake Park

We fly to Latvia with theSlingshot rider, Valters Osnieks for a shredding demonstration on his homespot, Milzkalns Wake Park !

UNTITLED from Valters Osnieks on Vimeo.

5 laps with the Latvian Dmitrij Zeiglish at 313 Cable Park on #unleashedwakemag

Valters Osnieks
Milzkalns Wake Park

More about Slingshot Wakeboards

“R&D is our specialty – the weirder the better. We rode flex boards behind boats long before the rest, slammed our stances in as narrow as we could and rode foils behind pontoon boats on days no one else would ever consider. We cut old decks into rocket ships and still ride boards that are “way too long” for traditionalists. To us, it’s all about chasing after that new feeling, uncovering a new challenge or opening a new possibility.”


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