Wakeboard Wave Pool Action | Nico von Lerchenfeld

Nico von Lerchenfeld wavepool

Wakeboard Wave Pool Action | Nico von Lerchenfeld

Maybe you’ve even think about these, Nico von Lerchenfeld did it !

Just in front of the surf superstar, Jordy Smith, Nico did the show during a nightsession filmed by the famous photographer Frode Sandbech.

Wakeboard Wave Pool Action
Nico von Lerchenfeld

“Nico von Lerchenfeld did it. As the first athlete in the world he rode the artificial waves of a wave pool. In the surf park Surf Snowdonia he shot an action clip – despite adverse circumstances: first a crash and a cut at the head, then almost the whole team got sick. But here it is: the FIRST wakeboard edit from a wave pool or surf park. It’s a wakeboard world premiere!

Hey folks, Nico here!

I’m stoked, we made it! Our wakeboard wave pool action clip is in the books! When I saw the full movie for the first time, I got GOOSE BUMPS. I’m so proud that we managed it, even though so much went wrong. First my crash, where I hurt myself.

Then my son got sick and had to go to the hospital.

Finally, the norovirus got me and almost the entire TEAM PLAYGROUND crew. The whole project was in danger. I’m so glad that I can show you this wicked wakeboard action clip from the surf park and so stoked that we have done in Surf Snowdonia in Wales, what nobody else did before. It is a real wakeboard world premiere. Share this piece and comment, what our next big video project should be.

See you soon, Nico”

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