Way Out Full Movie | Street Wakeboarding


Way Out Full Movie | Street Wakeboarding

Way Out the full movie , a film about Street Wakeboarding

The first Russian film about street wakeboarding from KRUG Production. Most recently, we had no parks at all, and we even dreamed of a good springboard, and now, it seems, we have everything thanks not God but  DROP !

But we want to move forward, we constantly need to conquer ourselves and put new slats. Many people think that parks with sicks figures are the limit, but that not right, and we know where the way out !

Our team went on a trip to Russia to learn from their own experience what street wakeboarding is.

Riders: Nikita Martyanov, Nikita Terskov, Ilya Sitnikov, Roman Ovodov, Sergey Tarakanov, Evgeny Grishin, Yegor Zdoroyak, Dmitry Nitishevsky.

KRUG Production: Kolya Tsarev, Kristina Avdeeva, Nikita Martyanov. 

Original Soundtrack: Rustam Izmailov.

Supported by: RIDERS, Red Bull, G-Shock, Liquid Force, Quiksilver, Sony, Nissan.

Check out Russian Style from last year with Nikita Terskov and friends avec #unleashedwakemag

Way Out Full Movie
Street Wakeboarding

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