WiWiWa-Crew | A different kind of winter break

WiWiWa-Crew - A different kind of winter break

WiWiWa-Crew | A different kind of winter break

Saturday winch day for the WiWiWa-Crew !

The floods of this winter have made many people happy !

The winch is running, they’ve ridden the flooded fields of Luxembourg.

Riders : Fränz Diederich, Pascal Scheeck and  Bernard Bram

Their YouTube Chanel here

Music: Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son

More about the crew :

“We’re friends since our young age. Our passions are : surfing, snowboarding, freebord, drift trike, mtb and of course wake. In addition, our crew film our actions since Jackass by Johnny Knoxville is broadcast on mtv? 2 (see “WiWiWiWa-Crew early days” on youtube)
We try to have good times, but also to promote wakeboarding and others sports in Luxembourg. Knowing that Luxembourg is a bad task on the cable map in Europe and unfortunately will remain so because of regulations, environment, politics etc. Moreover, the quality of almost all water is lamentable in such a “rich” country (see politics). 
So if we want to practice our sport, we have to pay a lot of money for a boat session (3€ per minute) or do 100km in Germany to reach the nearest cable in Riol. Or visit our friends Yunn le Coon and Matt Montoro in Hourtin (1000km)
That’s why we bought a winch to show the young people, we are 30 years old and over, that there are still possibilities and more than a sofa and ps4.
Our team also organizes wake initiations schools in Treves, hoping to motivate young people for our favorite sport.
For the rest we are looking for beautiful and “out of the ordinary” spots, in our small country where we can draw a beautiful line.” 

A different kind of winter break

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