ZeroG – Tony Hawk and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

ZeroG - Tony Hawk

ZeroG – Tony Hawk and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

In good skate legend , Tony Hawk went to the anti-gravity skate in a rather special plane.

Sports of tomorrow seem already democratized: three teams play with a giant balloon, making tribal speedminton in the dark, alternate between boxing and chess or downright ride a canoe, we already had a complete overview what we will do on Sunday in the future. But of all slide sports you would expect, the first of the list certainly remains hoverboard! Skate of tomorrow will be levitating ? The answer is yes ! First, because the first true antigravity board was invented, but mostly because Tony Hawk himself put it is!

Great figure of world skateboarding, inventor of all the more complex tricks , the famous “Birdman” is primarily due its reputation from its famous 900 ! Yes, Tony Hawk loves to fly, and he loves the loops! And what better than to get on a plane dedicated to the training of astronauts to go to defy the laws of gravity? Unsurprisingly, Tony Hawk did it, well, with a little trouble at first try, anyway , he did it …..

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