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2016 IWWF Cable Wakeboard World Championships, Lior Sofer and Julia Rick take the titles !

In perfect conditions, the new world wakeboarding and wakeskating champions were crowned at the 9th Cable Wakeboard World Championships. Lior Sofer (ISR) took the win at the Open Men’s wakeboarders while Julia Rick (GER) won the Open Women competition. Clément De Prémonville (FRA) and Zuzana Vrablova (SVK) are the new world wakeskating champions. 158 contestants from 28 nations took part in the championships over the past week.

With an outstanding second run in the finals, Lior Sofer (ISR) managed to defend his title at Morelos Acuaski Action Park, Mexico. With massive jumps such as Heelside Frontside 900, Crow Mobe, 315, or KGB 540 Nosegrab, Sofer pushed Dominik Gührs (GER) to the second place. Third place went to Guy Firer (ISR) who went with his new signature trick, the “Firer Attack”, and who had won the junior world championship some days ago. At the prize-giving, a relieved Lior Sofer said: “This year has been really tough, as I’ve been battling with a few injuries which have held me back. So to come to Mexico as the underdog and finish like that is unreal, I just can’t describe it. I would like to thank Mexico for treating us so well. Perfect food, riding, accommodation, you couldn’t ask for better.“
cable wakeboard world Open MEn

Open Women: Julia Rick crowns her perfect year.
Reigning 2016 European champion and current IWWF world-cup ranking leader Julia Rick (GER) impressed the judges at Morelos Acuaski Action Park with superior tricks such as Toeside Backside 720 or Frontside 313 and took the world championship in the Open Women category. Aurelie Godet (FRA) got second ahead of Vanessa Weinhauer (GER) who had become junior world champion just a few days ago. “I am so happy to get my first ever IWWF Open Ladies Win”, Julia Rick stated. “I have been so impressed with Mexico, it’s beautiful and has a fabulous vibe about it. Acuaski is a really good cable, the course is challenging and quite exhausting. I was also really pleased to come to Mexico as the Athlete Of The Year, this has made 2016 very special for me. Becoming World Champion and European Champion rounds up a perfect season for me.”

icable wakeboard world Open Women
Zuzana Vrablova defends her title

The wakeskaters delivered a fantastic show today, with Clément De Prémonville (FRA) taking the win in a thrilling final. Performing tricks such as Frontside Flip, Kickflip, Gazelle, and Ollie Frontside 360, he won over Maurizio Marassi (ITA) who had already taken silver at the junior wakeskaters. David Lang (AUT) came in third. “It’s a great feeling, I’m so glad to have had a great run. I’m always pushing myself to the limits, and this just feels so good right now. I have loved being in Mexico, they have such good Tacos and the most friendly people I’ve ever met”, Clément De Prémonville said at the prize-giving.
At the Open women’s wakeskaters, 2012 and 2014 world champion Zuzana Vrablova (SVK) was able to defend her title again. Ori Boujo (ISR) got second, Elisa Costanzo (ITA) came in third. “I’m so happy right now! I started my competition off with a safe run and was hoping to go crazy for my second run, but after Ori stepped up her second run I had to change tactics”,

Seated: Emanuele Pagnini (ITA) takes the win!
The seated category has been included in the World Championships for the first time, and it proved a very successful debut. It was Italian Emanuele Pagnini who stole the show with an amazing hit on the Incline Pipe rail – a huge run! Bastien Perret (FRA) took second place ahead of Jorge Font (MEX). At the emotional prize giving ceremony, Emanuele Pagnini said: “It is so important for the seated competition to be a part of the Open competition. Normally disabled competitions are separate, but for us it is fantastic to be included.”
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Results 2016 IWWF Cable Wakeboard World Championships at Morelos Acuaski Action Park, Mexico:

Wakeboard Open Men
1) Liro Sofer (ISR), 87.67 points
2) Dominik Gührs (GER), 83.67 points
3) Guy Firer (ISR), 83.33 points

Wakeboard Open Women
1) Julia Rick (GER), 78.33 points
2) Aurelie Godet (FRA), 63 points
3) Vanessa Weinhauer (GER), 60 points

Wakeboard Seated Men
1) Emanuele Pagnini (ITA), 73 points
2) Bastien Perret (FRA), 62.33 points
3) Jorge Font (MEX), 40 points

Wakeskate Open Men
1) Clément De Prémonville (FRA), 79 points
2) Maurizio Marassi (ITA), 69 points
3) David Lang (AUT), 63.67 points

Wakeskate Open Ladies
1) Zuzana Vrablova (SVK), 68.33 points
2) Ori Boujo (ISR), 63.67 points
3) Elisa Costanzo (ITA), 52.67 points

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