2023 Pro Wakeboard Tour | GROVELAND , FL

2023 pro wakeboard tour Stop 3

2023 Pro Wakeboard Tour | GROVELAND , FL

 2023 Pro Wakeboard Tour stop of GROVELAND #3

2023 Pro Wakeboard Tour  stop 3 :

For the 3rd leg of the 2023 PWT, the organizers provided the athletes with a chance to adapt the format and explore something fresh. The PWT was gratified as the athletes embraced the opportunity and pushed their limits, displaying remarkable skills and unwavering enthusiasm for the event. The outcome was the finest riding performances of the season, with several new names triumphantly standing on the podium.

2023 Pro wakeboard tour details :

Progression takes center stage in every action sport, and once in a while, there comes a singular event that illuminates that very progress. The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop #3 served as the perfect platform for this showcase. On the picturesque Lake David in Groveland, Florida, amidst classic Central Florida weather delays and pristine glassy conditions, we witnessed never-been-done tricks, rarely seen contest stunts, and an overall boost in competitiveness.

The riders heavily influenced the new format, leading to a head-to-head, bracket-style, single-elimination tournament with scores based on three passes, creating a distinctive and exciting atmosphere. The first pass was judged on the best 4-trick line, showcasing the riders’ versatility. The next pass allowed them to land a single best trick off the wake, pushing their limits even further. Finally, they concluded their run with a thrilling double-up.

Throughout the day, an array of mind-blowing tricks were on full display. Several different riders pulled off clean Crow 7s, while Tyler Higham astonished the crowd with his wake-to-wake TS BS 900 and Mute HS 10. Luca Kidd delivered perfection with a double grabbed HS BS 900, leaving everyone in awe. And to add to the excitement, Kai Ditsch made history by landing a switch heelside 10 off the wake, becoming the first-ever to accomplish it in a contest.

It was a day of incredible feats, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in wakeboarding and showcasing the immense talent and dedication of these athletes. The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop #3 undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the world of wakeboarding and set the bar even higher for the future.


2023 PWT stop 3 the recap ! 


Tyler Higham, a native of the West Coast, proved to be the ideal contender to secure victory in an event brimming with stylish and technical riding. Holding a high seed and being tied for 1st in the overall standings as the day began, Higham capitalized on the advantages presented by the new format.

“I’ve always felt like I had the tricks to win an event for the last few years, but my consistency has improved significantly,” Higham shared.

This newfound consistency must have sent ripples of apprehension through the rest of the field. A confident rider equipped with a deep bag of tricks, executed flawlessly, is undoubtedly a sight that no competitor wants to face in their heat. Higham’s skillful and polished performance made him a formidable force, setting the bar high for his fellow contenders in the competition.

In a twist of fate, Tyler Higham drew his brother’s name out of a hat for the first round of the competition. “I told everyone that I knew I was going to pick his name. It was cool to ride against him, but it was a bummer that one of us would be knocked out in the first round,” Tyler shared.

As the day progressed, this theme continued, with Tyler finding himself going up against his best friends and riding crew. Aptly named “La Familia,” this tight-knit group of riders holds a monopoly on the freshest video content, newest tricks, and overall good vibes in the wakeboarding community. Tyler spoke fondly of their camaraderie, saying, “We decided the night before to bring out our tent, grill, and music. It felt like we were just riding at home because that is what we do every day. Grill out food, take a few sets, and root each other on. We all just love the sport of wakeboarding so much. It was a bummer that we were all on the same side of the bracket besides Kai.”

Despite the friendly rivalry and a touch of disappointment about facing off against close friends, the day remained filled with excitement, sportsmanship, and the shared passion for wakeboarding that bonds “La Familia” together. Their dedication to the sport and each other created an atmosphere of positivity and support, making the event truly memorable for all involved.

The relaxed vibe surrounding Tyler Higham during the competition fueled his drive to continually push the boundaries of his riding, even when it wasn’t necessary. In the Quarter finals, he found himself facing his crew-mate Sam Brown, knowing that all he needed was to land a solid trick off the double up. However, Higham’s camaraderie and respect for his friend led him to aim higher.

“Since he went first and fell, and he is one of my boys, it didn’t feel right to just do something easy,” Higham explained as he looked back on the moment. Despite having a simpler path to secure the win, Tyler’s dedication to both the sport and his friendship with Sam compelled him to go for something extraordinary. And so, with precision and skill, he executed a perfect switch mute heelside frontside 1080, showcasing the kind of sportsmanship and character that defines true champions.

Higham’s commitment to excellence, even in a relaxed setting, demonstrated not only his exceptional riding abilities but also his integrity as an athlete and friend. This memorable moment highlighted the essence of sportsmanship and the spirit of pushing oneself to new heights, all while fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual respect among riders.

In the wakesurf category, a seasoned surf tour veteran, Sean Silvera, made a remarkable comeback from competitive retirement to prove to the young guns that he still possesses the skills to secure victory. It was no simple task to edge out the talented 13-year-old Jett Lambert, but Sean managed to do so, earning some well-deserved bragging rights. Lambert’s impressive performance landed him in the 2nd position, and he also clinched his first-ever overall PWT Surf title.

In the Jr. Pro division, Beaux Wildman took the top spot, further solidifying his lead in the overall standings. His exceptional performance showcased his potential and talent, making him a formidable force to reckon with in the wakesurfing world.

The event was undoubtedly filled with fierce competition, inspiring comebacks, and the emergence of new talents, making it a thrilling spectacle for all wake enthusiasts. These athletes’ dedication and passion for the sport continue to elevate wakesurfing and push the boundaries of what is possible on the water.


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