BEHIND THE FRENCH COVER | The Peacock Brothers


BEHIND THE FRENCH COVER | The Peacock Brothers

The fifth edition of Unleashed Wake Mag France was released a few weeks ago with a cover by the Peacock Brothers, produced by Mantis Pro Media.

A great picture and a bonus with the “Behind the Cover” filmed at Spot On Wake!

Discover the french mag here 

The Peacock Brothers

“A few months ago we set off to Spot On Wake in the U.K with the intentions of meeting up with our good friends from Mantis Pro Media to shoot a cover for the next issue of Unleashed Wake Magazine. We had such a fun day with all of the boys down there, creating loads of different setups to shoot different pictures on. After a lot of brainstorming we finally came up with an idea we were happy with. After trying to get the shot for around 4 hours we finally managed to get the timing right to get the final shot!”

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