Bene Tremmel | Winch Part


Bene Tremmel | Winch Part

The first winching experience of Bene Tremmel ! After enjoying his summer at CWC , he decided to try something new. Let’s see the result !

Winch Part

The story

 “The goal was to think outside the box and hit natural terrain like the streets, forests and mountains. The problem was I didn’t really have any equipment nor the experience to bring such a project to life. So I called up my Hyperlite-Homie Nic Leduc and asked for his help. I ended up going on a trip to Montreal, Canada to film the first few clips for my part. It really was an all time experience, cause not only did we hit more spots than expected in the two weeks, but also I was able to develop the needed knowledge of how to actually set up the spot and more. With the support of The Cable Mag (by providing a Winch for me) I was able to go on the search for more spots back home in Germany. Winching definitely isn’t easy at all. You put in so much work spending hours and sometimes days just to get that one clip. Honestly, ‘playing’ in the mud was probably one of the worst days ever haha. But the satisfaction when finally getting the clip is simply the best and makes it all pay off. Thanks to everyone who helped making this happened. You know who you are. I’m really stoked with what we were able to put together and I can’t wait for my next urban adventures.” Bene Tremmel.

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