Bricks Open 2015 highlights

Bricks Open 2015

Bricks Open 2015 highlights

An event like THE BRICKS OPEN in Duisburg, Germany, doesn´t need roaring publicity.
There is no higher, faster, bigger at the Bricks. They just cut their own path of pushing the sport in a different way.

THE BRICKS OPEN 2015 Highlights from the Bricks. on Vimeo.

Thinking what a really nice wakeboard contest should look like, the Duisburg folks put some oldschool streetstyle skateboard-feeling into it. Already the last years premiere made the scene sit up and watch. No wonder the list of 40 participants had to be closed 20 minutes after its online appearance. The already clean designed feature course at the Bricks got worked all over just for the event. It began with a crossways pipe, followed by a flat-rail with dragon tail on the left and an incline with pipe-extension on the right. Next was a newly designed fence by UNIT Parktech and a combination of UNIT Skatecurb and UNIT Techseries rail. The following elbow-pipe was placed right in the cable corner, which made it a bit tricky and not many riders made it all the way to the end. After that there was the choice of a kicker-to-A-frame to the left or the step-down rail to the right. A flat zone and a right and left kicker marked the exit of the course. A well packed lap of just less than a minute and getting real close to the action anywhere around the lake was just perfect for some hundreds of spectators. In a pre- round the field of 40 melted down to 20, who then started in a head to head modus in round 1. Winning two out of three runs got you to round 2. The next head to head battle took the best five right into the Überfinal. The judges already had brought to mind, that they would appreciate creativity, different lines and style. Red Bull Teamrider Dominik Guehrs showed a packed and solid run, but surprisingly he fell on the exit KGB, which opened the chance for local hero Niko Kasper to climb the podium. Two well qualified speakers took the crowd through the thrilling Überfinal. At the end Alex Aulbach from Munic took the highly coveted “Überring”, a heavy seal ring carriing the “The Bricks Open” logo. Bene Tremmel took second and local Niko got third. Afterwards the riders were full of praise for the thrilling format and the creative setup. Dominik Guehrs took it easy to miss the podium: “One whole day of playin´ in the feature garden for the practice session already was worth the trip to Duisburg, Thanks to the crew at The Bricks for the fun sessions!“

the Bricks Open 2015 Results:

1st Alex Aulbach
2nd Bene Tremmel
3rd Niko Kasper

Song: Reignwolf – Lonely Sunday

Videoedit: Jan Kissmann
Additional Camera: Duddek/ Dehn
Drone: Mark Kreuzer

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