BYU – Golden Turkey pt. One | Erkka Lehtonen


BYU – Golden Turkey pt. One | Erkka Lehtonen

Here is the first episode of Bob’s Your Uncle wakeboarding vlog with Erkka Lehtonen about his stay at Gold Cable Park. So huge that he had to do two episodes!

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BYU – Golden Turkey pt. One
Erkka Lehtonen

More about the spot : 

“There was a mountain river on the site of our future wake park. We built a dam and made a lake.

We had to broaden the lake and even to explode a part of the rock in order to build a large winch for the wakeboard cable system.

Unlike most of wake parks, our park is located in the mountains. It means that the surface of water is always smooth because the lake is surrounded by the hills. And the water is fresh, pure and even drinkable. Though it is dark because of the fine rocks in the lake.

There is the Gold City Complex near our wake park. In the Gold City you can have a room or an appartment. Besides, the Gold City has SPA and football fields. It may be interesting for some riders or members of their families. You need to walk there only 100 meters from our cable park to enjoy their services.”


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