CLARK DAVIS | 2017 raw


CLARK DAVIS | 2017 raw

Some latecomers are now releasing their 2017 season videos, among them Clark Davis. But this incredible American rider is quickly forgiven with one more sick edit.

Part 2

2017 slam reel from Clark Davis on Vimeo.

Part 1

2017 raw from Clark Davis on Vimeo.

2017 raw

Psychedelic Relic, Clark Davis’ awesome last year’s video on #unleashedwakemag

Byerly Boards : 

“What a great season, Byerly Boards celebrated a decade in 2016 and the year was kicked off by Cody Hesse’s Triple Flip earning him the “Trick of Year” honors, Aaron Rathy earning Alliance’s Rider of the Year and most recently Brenton Priestley won the X-Games Real Wake contest, super exciting. Jumping into 2017 we’re carrying all of that momentum back into the R&D Room, continuing develop the best products for the sports we love. I work with Butch on every skate, wakeboard and surfer in the line and test each of them with the team. I’m stoked to present a new park board from BP called the Slayer and a new signature boot from Rathy, his ARII system boot. Whatever your passion is, please know our focus is on delivering the best gear for the board sports we love.”
Scott Byerly


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