Daniel Grant | 10 Years of Riding


Daniel Grant | 10 Years of Riding

Daniel Grant,  Tao 10 years riding , Getting Noticed

This part of 10 Years of Tao is when I was still in school, I had just got my first winch, I would walk past my thes 50m pool and always dreamed of wakeboarding in it. I Decided to bring my good friend Tuti into school and film a video concept from school to the cable.
My everyday routine as a Kid, (School, A&W for curly fries, McD’s for a burger then Cable Til Dark ).
Cant thank my parents enough for the support & driving me 100+km distance almost everyday!


 10 Years  Of  Riding ep 2

Ten years of TAO-Getting Noticed (Wakeboard) from Daniel Grant / TAO on Vimeo.


Check out Daniel Grant video on Unleashed !

On the words of Daniel Grant :

I start every season trying to come up with something new, something that gives me balance in life. I always think I have worked out how to do something better than the previous year, but sometimes those things don’t work out as you expect or plan.

I travelled  all  season s with a battery powered portable winch. For my first flight out of Bangkok, the Airline confiscated my batteries. By the time, I could get the batteries, I the time I had planned to winch at the start of the season was gone. Once I had the time and location to use the winch, it broke down on me, and we could not get a repair. The idea of flying with a winch to new unknown locations, was the idea. Sadly, things did not work out as planned but we have another year with fresh ideas

Thanks to my sponsors, Liquid Force, Rip Curl, Thai Wakepark, UNIT Parktech and GoPro, who continue to support me and allow me to do what I do.

Plans are in place for 2020!

I am re-building my website now for this season, and can’t wait to share with you what I have in store !

More info : Waketao.com



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