Danke | Bene Tremmel


Danke | Bene Tremmel

Tanar Pigrenet went to Bene Tremmel ‘s house in Germany. He took the opportunity to make shots in his hometown and around his homespot for a long morning session at Wasserskipark Acshheim.

In Danke, Tanar introduces you to Bene Tremmel as you’ve never seen him before !

From Tanar Pigrenet

“We filmed this in a five hour morning session at Bene’s home park, Wasserskipark Acshheim. The idea behind this edit was to just show Bene in places around his home town, and shredding his home park. Bene has been killing it all year, and destroying the contest scene. Thought it would be ideal for him to have a home park edit. Hope you like it !”

Filmer/ Editor: Tanar Pigrenet

Additional Filming: Dan Deak Bardos & Liam Peacock

Song: Psycho Artist: Post Malone Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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Bene Tremmel

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