Deluxe Wakeskate | Cole Kraiss & Andrew Pastura


Deluxe Wakeskate | Cole Kraiss & Andrew Pastura

Deluxe is the new video of Cole Kraiss and Andrew Pastura ! With their friends, they are shredding the CWC wakepark in wakeskate. If you like wakeskating videos, sur this one will be one of your favourites !

Cole Kraiss & Andrew Pastura

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“The CamSur Watersports Comlex is the first world-class watersports complex in the Philippines and in Asia. CWC aims to bring cable skiing to a whole new level and attract watersports enthusiasts from all over the world with its top of the line facilities and relaxing environment. This six (6)-hectare complex, with its 6-point cable ski system, is sure to draw guests, riders and spectators by the thousands. Because of good weather conditions, cable skiing in the park can be done all year round.”




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-deluxe wakeskate-

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