EIGHTH | Niklas Ripp

EIGHTH Niklas Ripp

EIGHTH | Niklas Ripp

It’s the end of the season for Niklas Ripp, here is the video : EIGHTH

Spots : Cablesport Arena Pinneberg, North Bound Aurich and the Cable Park Süsel.

EIGHTH | Niklas Ripp from Niklas Ripp on Vimeo.

“A very intense eighth wakeboard season is over. I started this season with an unforgettable time on and beside the water in Australia.
In the past I regarded this sport as a hobby, today I can say that my point of view on this sport and the meaning has changed. It is not only matter of becoming better to hold or increase the level for the next competitions, it’s about having fun on and beside the water. For me it is always a process to stick a new trick, sometimes it already works with the first try, sometimes it takes ages and some tricks are too demanding at this time. But you should never lose the focus, to believe in yourself, as long as the requirements at the Cable Park are given, there is always a way to land the trick.
The video “EIGHTH” should show my view of what the sport means to me. The video was filmed at three different Cable Parks in Northern Germany, including my Homespot, the Cablesport Arena Pinneberg, where I’m riding now 8 years. Also we filmed at North Bound Aurich and at the Cable Park Süsel.
With all the passion for this sport, mind to look also to the left and to the right and don’t lose the really important things in life.
For me start a new chapter in my life, with the beginning of my dual curriculum and I look forward to my future.”

Niklas Ripp

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