Felix Georgii | Wakeboarding Off Limits


Felix Georgii | Wakeboarding Off Limits

Felix Georgii, wakeboarding like nobody is Watching !

When it comes to creativity, wakeboard-pro Felix Georgii sets the bar – or in this case, the ring – pretty high. Watch what happens when he unexpectedly gains access to The Bricks Wakepark all on his own.   

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Discover the Felix Georgii’s signature feature for Unit on Unleashed.


Wakeboard parks are the perfect playground on a hot summer day to stay active and cool at the same time. Unfortunately, many had to shut their doors over the last months leaving wakeboarders around the blue planet to stay put and just get a glimpse from outside the fence. For Felix this sparked his sheer endless creativity to come up with never-seen-before obstacles and tricks like the handplant frontflip over a golf cart, sliding on a ghost boat or squeezing through a truck wheel in mid air.  The project was filmed and realized in 20 days with the support of a Sculpture Winch,  Thatsoundsmart, Lukas Joas, Jan Kissmann and the whole Süß family. Produced by Steffen Vollert  Special thanks to THE BRICKS Wakepark: https://www.thebricks.de/ 

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