Bobby Grant | Home Sweet Home !


Bobby Grant | Home Sweet Home !

Put together The  fellow Slingshot rider and “Space Mob” creator, Wesley Mark Jacobson and Bobby Grant, and wait for a Tsunami edit !

Bobby Grant riding at his home cable, Thai Wake Park. An edit put together by fellow Slingshot rider and “Space Mob” creator, Wesley Mark Jacobson. Bobby is sponsored by Slingshot, LSKD & Thai Wake Park,


 Home Sweet Home  With B.Grant

On the words of Daniel Grant :

My Little brother Bobby Grant growing into a man child finding his own style and getting taller than me now!
Sick to see and crushed the edit Wesley Mark Jacobsen!

On the words of his dad David Grant :

Proud of the “wee bairn”. Bobby Grant with all his hard work put into his riding on this edit at Thai Wake Park. Huge thanks to Jeff McKeefor his help and support, Wesley Mark Jacobsen for putting this together and of course THAI WAKE PARK for helping in every way possible to to support Bobby’s riding


More About Bobby

Bobby Grant is legend at Thai Wake Park. You won’t make it past the the starting dock without Bobby’s approval, but lucky for us he’s a fan of the Slingshot Super Grom! At just 9 years of age, the future is bright for Bobby and the sport of wakeboarding.


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