Hyperlite | Sunny Dayz with Nic Leduc and Brady Patry

hyperlite wakeboard sunny dayz

Hyperlite | Sunny Dayz with Nic Leduc and Brady Patry

Both riders from Hyperlite wakeboard Nic and Brady captured their sunny dayz at CWC during their trip to Phillies for the recent World Championship competition. If Nic is riding the new Union, Brady prefers the Wishbone.


“Wake park riders demand flex and durability from their cable wakeboard. Hyperlite’s cable collective delivers, plus so much more. Innovations like our Airstick Core and Feather Flex lighten both wood and foam cores without sacrificing reliability, making the #Hashtag and Wishbone stand apart. Simply shaped, our board bellies offer softer landings from kicker hits or huge air tricks. The new urethane sidewall found on the JAM flexes with the board while protecting it from dings. Rest assured, our team riders have tested each innovation in the Cable Collective establishing the most progressive boards lapping the park.”

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