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We had the opportunity to interview the amazing rider Julia Rick about her great results at the IWWF and WWA world championships.


First, we would like to know how long you’ve been riding?
I started wakeboarding around 6 years ago.

What made you want to start wakeboarding?
I heard about a cable park close to my home – Wasserski Bleibtreusee in Brühl – and so I decided to try it out and completely fell in love ! As most of the people already know I’ve played soccer on a professional level. In the beginning I couldn’t be on the water so often until I stopped playing soccer. In 2013 I started competing professionally in Wakeboarding.

julia rick

You’re the first rider who wins the title in both of the world championships, what does that mean to you?
Yeah, that’s right. 2016 was another perfect season for me. I became the first rider in Wakeboarding history winning the World Championships of both federations (World Wakeboard Association & International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation) in one year. This huge achievement really means a lot to me, it was the perfect end of a long competition season. Making history and in the same time pushing women’s wakeboarding is a big success for me and definitely makes me proud.

What can you tell us about the other competitors this year? Did you ever feel pressured?
The riding level of the girls is definitely getting higher and there are a lot of young riders coming up. However, I did not feel pressured or anything like that. I think it’s important to watch yourself when it comes to competitions. If you feel confident in your riding, then just hit the water and have fun

julia rick podium wwa

julia rick podium iwwf

Would you say that you achieved your dream? How does it feel to be an example for wakeboard girls?
Becoming “overall” World Champion was one of my goals and I could finally achieve it. I would not say dream because it sounds kinda unreal or illusive.  I definitely want to push women’s Wakeboarding and it makes me proud to be an idol for several girls. This season was not only successful on the competition side, but I also pushed women’s Wakeboarding by inventing several new tricks and being the first female rider ever competing in “Wake The Line” with 10.000 spectators.

I’ve observed you and your training regimen the last few years. You are a fighter and you are not afraid to push yourself unremittingly. Do you think that is the secret of your success?
If you want to achieve a lot and to be on top you really have to work hard. Maybe I got also a bit of talent for Wakeboarding but the main key is my consistent training on and off the water. However, it is very important to have fun when you are on the water! Furthermore I’m not scared of crashing or anything, I have respect for big tricks, that is normal, but fear only slows you down.

We suspect that after such strong end to the season, you will not be twiddling your thumbs this winter, what do you plan to do?
After my last competition this year I was at home for about one month. I did not go wakeboarding, only cardio and strength training and went to the university. At the moment I’m studying at the German Sports University of Cologne and doing my Master’s degree in Sports Management.
Right now I’m in Thailand for about one month for some winter training. Afterwards I will go back home again to study and write some exams. In early 2017 I will be traveling again somewhere warm to prepare myself for the season 2017.


julia rick

Do you have any new goals? What are they?
I want to continue to push the sport in the women’s division. For sure I want to defend my titles but I also would like to be part in more events like “Wake The Line”. These events gain a lot of media attention and are good for the sport! I also want to develop my riding, land a lot of new tricks, but the most important thing is to always have fun while riding and to stay healthy and fit!

You have a real style and we love to watch you ride, is there a rider who inspires you?
I watch a lot of Wakeboarding videos to get inspired for new obstacle hits or air tricks. There are so many good riders who inspire me, hard to name only one. It really impresses me how Lior Sofer maintains his riding level for such a long time throughout the years! He is still one of the best riders and rewarded himself with another world champion title this year!

Who would you like to thank?
Thank You ! I just would like to thank all the people who have supported me and who support me at the moment! Thanks to my fans, sponsors (PanasonicRonix WakeFox Wake, Bundeswehr, IONTwin Cable Beckum and Wasserski Bleibtreusee) and my parents!!




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