Hey Guys. Can you introduce yourselves in a few words?
Yeah, my name is Jon Shrimpton, formally known as Shrimpboi. I am an Action Sports, Landscape and Lifestyle Photographer based in Liverpool, UK. And I am Sam Pascall known as Sam Pascall, a Videographer from Abersoch, North Wales.

Tell us a little about Mantis Pro Media:
Mantis Pro Media is an amalgamation of Jon Shrimpton Photography and Sam Pascall Imagery. We wanted to create a Media and Production company hat worked seamlessly to create Social Media and Media campaigns that are totally different than anything else out there.

What is it that makes you different and unique?
We both love pushing the limits of photography and videography. We specialize in coming up with new and innovative ideas that work perfectly side-by-side. Having a sick edit is great but having a sick edit and pictures that work and mirror each other is something no one else does.

What do you usually shoot?
We have been riding together for years, so Wakeboarding is top of the list. We have the privilege of knowing some of the top riders in the sport and being part of some of the biggest contests on the wakeboarding calendar.
Our other key areas are Action Sports and Corporate; the day-to-day diversity is great and one of the main reasons we love doing what we do.

How did you end up working together?
Sam – When I was working as a wakeboard instructor, I was introduced to Jon as the park photographer and local rider. I watched Jon progress, not just as a Wakeboarder, but he worked his way through the industry, reaching the pinnacle of wakeboarding photography. In this day and age, it is hard to have a unique identity with still and motion images. What made me want to work with Jon is how unique his work is, despite how difficult it might be. I have always thought his work was above the rest and his communication and people skills raise his work to another level. Jon isn’t afraid to criticize my work, which to me is ideal. Not only does it make my work better but it portrays trust between the two of us which will only set Mantis Pro Media above many other media companies… and he’s alright as a mate I suppose.

Jon -I met Sam 3-4 years ago down at Liverpool Wake Park, our “local”. At first I didn’t know he was interested in filming but over the years as we got to know each other I found out he was getting his degree in Media Production and was pretty good behind the lens. I have massive respect for anyone who takes a hobby or interest and wants to study to a higher level and learn more, especially if you already have a raw talent. My biggest irritant is someone who picks up a camera, especially in our digital age, and straight away calls themselves a photographer or videographer. These titles in my mind need to be earned and Sam has certainly done that. We both have a great work ethic and a great friendship, which in turn will make Mantis Pro successful. He also does quite well putting up with my antics, which will definitely help with the future of our company.

What kind of camera, ash and lenses do you use?
We are both a little obsessed with gear, although everyone says it doesn’t make a difference. They are talking shit, it does. Yeah the story is the main point of any production but quality in both disciplines is key. We mainly shoot with Nikon and DJI equipment and we’ve found they work perfectly together from stills, to time-lapse, to video, we’ve got everything we need but like any obsession we could always have more.

Do you have any special camera con guration?
Jon –Yeah I love being as close to the action as possible, a little too close sometimes, so for this I generally use my Nikon D4s and a 2.8 14 to 24mm lens. When I am in the water I use the same camera and lens but with the Aquatech Delfin Water-housing. My other favorite configurations and my go-to work horse is the Nikon D4s and my 70-200mm 2.8. I think this is the perfect combination.

Sam – I take as much inspiration I can from progressive cinematographers. There are always new and innovative ways of filming and I want to incorporate that into my work as much as possible to be ahead of the game. A few people know that I like to use depth of field through trees and other obstacles, which I think looks awesome combined with big tricks. The Nikon D810 with 2.8 70-200mm lens is my most popular setup while having a DJI Osmo on me for additional B-Roll, and throwing up the DJI Mavic Pro when the conditions are looking good.

What does the future hold for Mantis Pro Media?
We wouldd like to think that in the next few years we will be YouTube Sensations with our Vlog and working with the most famous brands out there. We are realists though and know this isn’t going to happen overnight but it is important to have goals to work towards, however extravagant they might be. In the meantime we want to grow Mantis Pro. We are currently looking for a studio to work from and we both really want to work with and tutor an intern in both photography and videography.

Finally do you have any tips to someone who wants to Film or Photograph Action sports?
Jon –I’ve said this before but it doesn’t really get old, if you want to shoot and get involved in the Action Sports Industry it’s all about determination and perseverance, actually whatever avenue you choose (Sports, Fashion, Travel) it doesn’ t happen overnight and it can sometimes be a real pain in the arse but all the hard work is really worth it and at the end of a job when it’ s all done and finished there’s no better feeling.

Sam –Action Sports is such a great industry if you are a videographer. Regardless if you have previous experience or you are just looking to get some footage for your show reel, you can experiment and be as adventurous as you like with angles and shot styles. There is no set style of editing in the industry, which for an editor gives you fluidity and allows the creative part of your brain to let loose to produce a unique final piece. Personally the most enjoyable part of the industry is the people, I’ve met so many new friends and shooting with them has been a pleasure, having these athletes around you makes the work so much more rewarding. To get into this industry all you need to do is put yourself out there and don’t be afraid.

Thanks for your time guys, if you want to say something else, go for it!
Thanks for the interview Phil, much appreciated, we would like to say thank you to everyone who has been involved so far with Mantis Pro, family and friends you know who you all are, you really do stick by us. This is only the beginning for us and we are super excited for the future so watch this space.

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