Jonas Valentini | Discover Salzgitter Wakepark


Jonas Valentini | Discover Salzgitter Wakepark

Do you know the Salzgitter Wakepark ? Jonas Valentini edited his runs through the park and provide a special visit with slides, big airs and 360’s ! Filmed and edited by Chrisz Couture (Instagram @reinsch0r)…

Jonas Valentini

Check out the kicker contest at Langenfeld Wakepark on Unleashed.


Wasserski Salzgitter

Experience a special kind of sporting event at our cable car! Without much preparation and suitable for “almost” all age groups, the sport can be learned very quickly. Our recommendation: Learn water skiing first, then the way to the wakeboard is much easier.

Or enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on the sun deck with a view over the Salzgittersee. Our friendly staff in the Cafe & Bistro will take care of your physical well-being.




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