Juicy July | Marc Fabisch and Philipp Burkhart


Juicy July | Marc Fabisch and Philipp Burkhart

A juicy July for the two Germans, Marc Fabisch and Philipp Burkhart, with whom we shared Jibbin June a little over a month ago at Wakeport Rhein-Main !

Juicy July from marc fabisch on Vimeo.

Drone Footage: Frank Podlesak

Supported by: Wakeport, Slingshot Germany, Sandbox / Goodquestion Supply, Follow Wake, Rip Curl Germany

Juicy July
Marc Fabisch and Philipp Burkhart

“July was a pretty tough one! We only had one cable running cause we had to move the other one to another location and rebuild the dock. Shieeet tons of work and the only cable running was fully booked which made it even harder to find time to shred and stack footy. The Pipe2Pipe hack we set up was good fun though and offered so many different ways to get creative…what made you wanna shred even more. Stoked we managed to pull this one off!

Thanks to everyone who was supporting / sharing / posting Jibbin’ June – so rad!”

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