JULES CHARRAUD | The French Journey !


JULES CHARRAUD | The French Journey !

Jules Charraud , The 2021 French Tour with REDBULL France

Wakeboarder Jules Charraud took advantage of the return of sunny days to take his followers around France. On his wakeboard, he rides the most beautiful tricolor landscapes that he has compiled in 3 videos available on Redbull France Instagram Channel

The 21-year-old from Toulouse left to tour the most beautiful French landscapes, to make three videos, titled Tours and Detours, posted on social networks. Jules Charraud using his portable winch, went to discover French heritage, to ride on the Seine, to the Château de Chantilly via Mont-Saint-Michel. “I really wanted to do a big project with this concept of wakeboarding in somewhat unusual places,” explains the Toulouse resident. The goal is to show people around France in a different way. ”

Watch the  whole videos of his week full of adventures

First Episode: Chantilly Castle

Second Episode : the Etretat Cliffs

Third Episode : the Mont Saint Michel !

Exceptional spots

From the foot of the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the salt marshes, the favorite spot of the French wakeboarder on his “Tour de France”, was the Château de Chantilly. “It was really magical, the setting is incredible,” says Jules Charraud. They spent the day there and they took pictures from right to left, they were never bored. A representative of the castle followed us and advised us on the site. Big thanks to him that I was able to ride in the moat. ”

The project required a lot of upstream work from the wakeboarder and his team, especially for the selection of places. For the spots, two criteria: visual and aesthetic spots and performance spots, but it is still necessary to succeed in obtaining all the authorizations. “It’s a must, it would be a shame to make pirate spots for the end not to be able to post the video,” explains Jules. But in general we didn’t have too many difficulties, for example in Romorantin, the mayor only asked us to “watch out for the ducks!



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About Jules

French prodigy Jules Charraud is the future of wakeboarding. In 2019, he finished 2nd in FISE. He has a clear goal in mind: “I want to improve myself and become the best in my discipline one day.” Jules Charraud started wakeboarding in Cergy, in Val-d’Oise, when he was 10 years old.

A good idea according to James Windsor, triple World Champion and legend of the discipline: “Jules is one of the riders with the most potential on this planet. He has a super complete ride technique. “A dubbing that Jules Charraud was keen to comment on:” He’s my idol, and that makes me extremely happy.

I have had the opportunity to meet him several times. “The duo also have a common sponsor, which allowed the student to receive advice from the master:” even on a simple video shoot, he gives me tips and teaches me a lot. ” On the career side, Jules Charraud wants to take his time, but with a clear goal in mind: “I want to improve myself and become the best in my discipline one day. Which shouldn’t be long.

In 2019, the prodigy notably finished 2nd at the FISE in Montpellier. Passionate about design and tattooing, this amateur guitarist who lives in a caravan on his homespot at La Source, near Toulouse, perfectly embodies the wakeboard spirit.


French Journey

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