Julia Rick starts 2018 in style


Julia Rick starts 2018 in style

1 – Julia Rick becomes Athlete of the year of Cologne

Last month, Julia Rick once again received the “Cologna Athlete of the Year” award at the “Kölsche SportNacht 2018” event, a special honour for Julia to receive this award from her hometown of Cologne.


2 – Julia Rick becomes first woman ever to land a “Heelside Backside 900”

A new personal achievement, in fact she is now the first woman to land a Heelside Backside 900.

The video on #unleahedwakemag

3 – Julia Rick becomes Ambassador of Thanyapura Phuket

Since March 2018 Julia Rick has become Ambassador of the international sport ressort Thanyapura in Phuket. Thanyapura is one of the greatest professional sport facility and resort of Asia. Thriathletes, swimmers, and track and field athletes from all over the world choose this location for their training. For Julia it is the perfect place for her training off the water.

4 – Asia tour and successful start into 2018

End of december 2018 Julia Rick started her trip through Asia. She first traveled to the Philippines and finished her trip finally after about two months in the beginning of february winning the first stop of the Plastic Playground World Series at Thai Wake Park, Bangkok. During her travels she visited seven cable parks in Asia and did a lot of photo and video shootings.

Asia Tour

Republic Wake Park Manila,
Philippines Pradera Wake Park,
Philippines CWC Wake Park,
Philippines International Wake Park, Phuket,
Thailand Anthem Wake Park,
Thailand Zanook Wake Park, Bangkok, Thailand
Thai Wake Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Julia Rick starts 2018 in style

Photo Credit Wilfried Rick

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