RED Bull Activation | Mantis Pro Media


RED Bull Activation | Mantis Pro Media

MAntis Pro Media , Red Bull Activation At Spot On Wake UK .

Red Bull Activation at Spot On Wake  an amazing spot in UK …

We travelled down to Wooton bang in the midle of the uk to shoot an activation for Redbull and its amazing travelling DJ / Rail truck, at one of the most inovative system 2 cables in World – Spot-on-Wake


 Spot On Wake

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More about SPOT On WAKE

Spot On Wake is located in rural Warwickshire. Only 10 miles from the M40 it is easily accessible from the Midlands motorway network and is just 20 miles from the centre of Birmingham. Spot-On Wake is ideal for all levels of wakeboarder from beginner to expert. Our unique purpose built venue in unrivalled in the UK!

All cables are operated by qualified system 2.0 cable operators and offers incredible speed control; there is no better tool than a System 2.0 to teach people to wakeboard.They offer a continuous ride, meaning that you don’t have to drop the handle or get dunked in the water at each end of the course.The extended height towers provide incredible lift and line tension, meaning nailing those air tricks are more achievable than a standard full cable.

More time on the water

Spot On Wake is installing two System 2.0 cables with lengths of up to 200m. The System 2.0 also offers the best way to hit rails and kickers, as no other towing device can give you the same amount of time on the features.

When you fall in you get picked up instantly and can try that trick again. The turns at each end are quicker than a boat, jet ski or lap of a full cable and allow you to hit the same rail up to 30 times in a fifteen-minute session!

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