Marie Grüneberg is back

Marie Grüneberg is back

Marie Grüneberg is back on the water for the 2017 wakeboard season more powerful and stylish than ever !

Park : Wake and Beach Halbendorf

Edited by Matteo Rüger 

Sponsors : Sooruz, Ronix wakeboards, Fun Sport and Sprung Raum.

from Matteo Rüger on Vimeo.

Marie Grüneberg is back

Ronix Wakeboards

2017 collection

“9 of the finest redesigned wakesurfers with the most revolutionary new fin attachment system. 13 wakeboards created exclusively for the boat, and another 7 solely for the park. Our award winning line of footwear just took some major steps forward in innovation.

Another season is upon us. Enjoy the ride.”

-Paul O’Brien

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