Max Halm | 2017 at Burnside Cable Park

max halm burnside 2017

Max Halm | 2017 at Burnside Cable Park

2018 was a great year for Max Halm who’s doing what he do the best on the water and had a good time in Burnside Cable Park.

“Progression in the form of creativity, looking for tricks that put a smile on my face, thats what 2017 was all about and i can say i succeeded!”

Max Halm
2017 at Burnside Cable Park

Check out Burnside Bastards season 2017 on #unleashedwakemag

About Burnside Cable Park 

Burnside Cable Park was founded in 2009 and from day one they went full speed in order to be the best and friendliest wakeboard course in the Netherlands.
Their cable is now famous worldwide and not just for riding… Also on the side there are much to enjoy.

They have a varied menu and of course there are also consuming the necessary drinks.  Once you’ve tasted you know why many persons come just for eating.

For groups, there are several possibilities for an arrangement.

They organise many amazing event on the Cable, regularly check the news on their Facebook page and the Website

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