Maxine Sapulette’s Jobe Grace: her wakepark killer for 2016!

Maxine Sapulette’s

Maxine Sapulette’s Jobe Grace: her wakepark killer for 2016!

Girls just wanna have fun! And when they do, that is the moment they grab a Jobe Grace!
This board is a favorite amongst the ladies and is Maxine Sapulette’s her very own pro-model.

Maxine is all about riding with power and style and the Jobe Grace completely matches that! It is a board that rides hard on the water and has a new design that stands out!

But does this board just look good? No, it rides even better than it looks! The Grace has a three-stage rocker making sure that you can gain extra height when popping your board. But it also makes sure that it is easier to press on obstacles and to stay locked into your press. The board also has more flex in the tip and tail to it make it easier to press, while its channel makes sure you have a lot of grip on the water. Its Blended Core makes for a perfect balance between flex and strength, by combining Paulownia wood with PU. And when it comes to hitting obstacles this board has the special High ImpacT (H.I.T.) base: it can easily take some beating and is fast on obstacles!

So if you want to go big on air tricks, the Grace is your board. Want to take your press to the next level on that handrail at your local cablepark? No problem, the Grace is your board. When you think about it, there’s nothing this board can’t do, it is the perfect all-rounder!

Want to know more about the Jobe Grace? Make sure to visit Jobe’s brand new website:

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