Mayson triple rail | Ukrainian event by XPARK


Mayson triple rail | Ukrainian event by XPARK

Back to the XPARK that took place in Kiev last month

On May 24, 2018 was the grand opening of Mayson triple rail – the most expensive and interesting wakeboarder figure in Ukraine !

Ukrainian Federation of wakeboarding and creator Dmitriy Masalov personally in honor of that event held a rider’s contest to groove on this contraption, so fire up the imagination for all other riders. All can ride on it !
Only the 9 best pro-Riders of Ukraine will take part in the contest:
– Dmitriy Masalov
– Pavel Good
– Roman Makarenkov
– Pavel Daineka
– Georgiy Petrichenko
– Victor Begunov
– Sergey Bushkov
– Gleb Geraskin
– Vladimir Lysenko
The Winners in the categories are:
– the first ukrainian rail to rail – Roman Makarenkov
– the funny pipes turntables – Dmitriy Masalovv
– the pretty ugly riding – Georgiy Petrichenko
– the wriggles from different legs – Victor Begunov

Roman Makarenkov (photo: Evgenia Gapon)

Pavel Good (photo: Evgenia Gapon)

Georgiy Petrichenko (photo: Evgenia Gapon)

Pavel Good (photo: Evgenia Gapon)

Roman Makarenkov (photo: Evgenia Gapon)

Mayson triple rail

“X-Park” Sports and Entertainment Complex is a unique place for sport and relaxation, located in the green zone on Trukhaniv Island in Kyiv. Open air, environmentally clean area and its location on the island between two rivers, the Dnipro and the Desenka, makes it unique.


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