MUNICH MASH through the eyes of Felix Georgii

Felix Georgii munich mash

MUNICH MASH through the eyes of Felix Georgii

MUNICH MASH through the eyes of Felix Georgii

Name : Felix Georgii
Age : 24
Town : Allgäu, Southern Germany
Stance : Goofy
Homespot : The Bricks, Inselsee Allgäu, Turncable Sponsors: Red Bull, Liquid Force, Ride Engine, Sesitec, Unit Parktech, Pullin

Felix has been a German pro wakeboarder for many years now. He is sponsored by REDBULL and Liquid force and he has won the Best Trick Prize during the second edition of the Munich Mash with his Mute Cab 540 One Foot…!

On my way to Munich I got a call from the UNIT guys. They asked me if I could check on the Mash setup. Nico von Lerchenfeld, who was supposed to check in, couldn’t make it in time due to a car break down. I wasn’t excited at all because last year’s setup needed so much adjustments before it finally worked.

As soon as I arrived, Dom Hernler and I went to the wakeboard setup and we were ready to do the first couple hits on the mega ramp. We were both a little bit scared, but as soon as we both hit it one time we knew that all the adjustments that

Unit did on this year’s setup were really good. The setup didn ́t need many changes.
The kickers and landing ramp were perfect and everyone could do their best tricks. As soon as the contest was on everybody killed it, and it was an intense qualification round. I was pretty stoked to make it to the quarter finals. On Sunday during practice it was raining really bad and I wasn’t really motivated to try anything. But as soon as I started trying my Cab 540 with one foot I knew that trick was going to work for me. After practice the weather started to clear up and the crowd started to come to the site. Everyone was hyped because the sun was out and there were so many spectators. It was a fantastically fun contest and all the riders killed it.

I was lucky enough to take home best trick with my Mute Cab 540 One Foot.

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MUNICH MASH through the eyes of Felix Georgii


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