Mystic 2017 – Shaping Playground

Mystic 2017 - Shaping Playground

Mystic 2017 – Shaping Playground

Enter in the 2017 wakeboard season with Mystic and its team riders in this wild edit :
Shaping Playground


Shaping Playground
from Mysticboarding on Vimeo.

“There’s no need to be afraid of the scope of your dream. No reason to doubt it. It’s time to grab your chosen path with both hands and commit to shaping your playground.”

Their mission of is pushing us to surpass ourselves, accept no limits and dream bigger. The team rider represent all faces of the brand with : Antoine Allaux, Dominik Hernler, Austin Pratt, Nick Davies, Dieter Humpsch, Tyler Worall, Liam Rundholz and the Peacock’s brothers.
The brand is created by wakeboard’s passionates for others and their goal is make helmet and armour in constantly evolving.

“Mystic starts where your life begins; outside of your comfort zone!”

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