BIXPY SWIM JET – High Capacity Edition

Although it seems like it’s out of a science fiction movie, with a simple attachment of our Personal Battery Pack, you can turn your Bixpy Jet into the ultimate diver propulsion vehicle (DPV).

The Bixpy Swim Jet is unlike anything on the market. It is super portable (weighing only 5 lbs, including the battery), it’s packed with features and it will make snorkeling and scuba diving more fun and accessible than ever before.
The best part, it’s the same motor that can power your SUP or kayak and help you get to your favorite diving spot!

bixpy swim jet

We offer two battery packs with the Bixpy Jet to make up your Bixpy Swim Jet, smaller Traveler Capacity Pack and a High Capacity Pack:
• The Traveler Capacity Edition Handheld Battery pack is for those who want to travel with their Bixpy Swim Jet. By keeping the battery capacity just under 160 Wh, we have created a battery that meets both FAA and IATA regulations to allow you to carry up to 3 Bixpy Battery packs on your trips (one installed and two spare batteries). Although this battery pack does not feature the LED light, it does come with a super charger to make sure you can charge the battery in less than an hour.
• The High-Capacity Handheld Battery pack. If air travel is not your priority and you want more run time from your Swim Jet, this is the option. With 225Wh of power, you will get about 2 hours of typical dive or snorkel time from this battery pack. In addition, this battery pack features a bright LED light to light up your way.
• Lightweight and portable.
• Slight positive buoyancy when attached to battery pack.
• Rated for 100 ft (30 m) below water.
• Flashlight for under water exploration.
• Camera mount built on top for mounting action cameras • Detachable battery pack for quick switching.
• Intuitive speed control with one trigger switch on handle.
• Water-proof, dirt-proof and corrosion resistant housing and connectors • Marine grade stainless steel components for use in fresh or salt water.


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