Nicolas Leduc | Flooded in Montreal


Nicolas Leduc | Flooded in Montreal

During the spring of 2019, Montreal and its surrounding neighborhoods was hit by a flood labelled as a 100 year event. The unfortunate circumstances left thousands and thousands of people homeless for weeks, caused massive damage and in total was an epic tragedy. With respects to the people of Montreal and what they have endured, a Wakeboarder may look at the situation just a little bit differently. For Hyperlite Team rider Nicolas Leduc the flood provided a new landscape for which to ride his wakeboard !

Flooded city

Again, we understand what the city has gone through, but as a human, a Wakeoarder and a Montreal native you do your best to find the silver lining and that is exactly what Nic did. Using a wakeboard winch Nic rode his pro model wakeboard, the Hyperlite Lunchtray, in areas that had never seen water like this before. From his perspective, as a rider, looking through that lens he found a new playground to explore for following his passion, Wakeboarding.

Usually done behind a boat or at a Wakeboard Cable Park, Nic took this horrific situation and found the upside. The flood created new lines, new natural features to hit and urban backgrounds rarely seen in our sport. He makes something good from a terrible situation, create something new and hope it never happens again to the people of Montreal.

He is not the only one who cares, an indonesian wakeboarder protested against floods last month in Bangkok by riding the city streets



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-nicolas leduc montreal-

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