Protesting against floods | Wakeboarding in the city streets


Protesting against floods | Wakeboarding in the city streets

A group of young Indonesians protested against the recurrent floods in their city with a spectacular action : wakeboarding in the submerged streets of Samarinda.

Samarinda Wakeboarding

Excited by new floods in their town of Samarinda on the island of Borneo, they filmed themselves practicing wakeboarding. But thid time it was behing a car ! The board was pulled by an all-terrain vehicle through the streets of the 800,000 inhabitants city. Their video quickly became viral on Instagram, a very popular social network in Indonesia. In these images, Muhammad Fahri Ramadhan, 19 years old, slides and performs a few figures in the dirty water reaching the size of the few spectators.

From alfredho basugis on Youtube.


The young people hope in this way to call on the local administration, which has already declared a state of emergency after the floods that affected several tens of thousands of inhabitants. The authors of the video also call on residents not to aggravate the situation by dumping their garbage on the streets, which could block the evacuation ducts and pose health risks.

“We want people to be more responsible and not throw out their garbage,” Muhammad Fahri Ramadhan told AFP on Tuesday.

“Most of the people who saw me on the streets and on social networks reacted positively, they thanked us for leading this action,” explained the young man.

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