Norbert Biró | Wakeboard Edit 2019


Norbert Biró | Wakeboard Edit 2019

Norbert Biró  is a wakeboarder rider from Hungary. he made a season edit which he thought you might enjoy watching …

  Norbert say’s : Feel free to share if you like it! !

Wakeboard Edit 2019

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Location Of this Video :

Copenhagen Cable Park (CCP) – Copenhagen, Denmark
LupaWake – Budapest, Hungary
Lakeboard – Gyömrő, Hungary,
SunCity Wakepark – Szeged, Hungary


András Meretei
Andreas Jacobsen

Action cam footies:
Jesper Hansen
Viktor Kara
Robin “Leroy” Leonard Jensen
Samuele Schiavina
Hendrik Zimmer
Pasha Trusov
Kristoffer Kragh
Gabriel Laing-Aiken



Norbert Biró

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