Not So Original | Cable 7


Not So Original | Cable 7

Italian filmmaker, Matteo Ometto is back with a new edition of Not So Original this time with Niccolò Iacobacci, Manuel Milan and Diego Facchinetti on Cable 7 Treviso !

from Mvideo on Vimeo.

Not So Original

Check out their last video winching across Italy on #unleashedwakemag

More about the spot : CABLE 7

You’ve been missing out and you must have been living under a rock, because it’s becoming ever more popular, it’s even at the verge of becoming an Olympic sport!
But it’s never too late to start, so, in short:

– Wakeboarding is action on the water, but also in the air
– Wakeboarding is a bit like water-skiing, but a lot better
– Wakeboarding is for young, old and everyone in between
– Wakeboarding is easy to pick up for everybody, but always offers new challenges
– Wakeboarding offers an escape from stressful daily life, a chilled leisure activity

Love wakeboarding and can’t wait for us to open?
This is the place for you and don’t worry, soon we’ll be off! We offer the best conditions for our favourite sport. Our facilities are of international standard – and if we become an Olympic sport and Italy is hosting the games: We’re ready! 

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