Slider Spectacular | Orlando Watersports Complex

orlando watersports complex slider spectacular

Slider Spectacular | Orlando Watersports Complex

Orlando Watersports Complex – 14th annual Slider Spectacular

This start of december that was the 14th annual Slider Spectacular. For this new edition, there was a new Judging format with a live display screen who updating results for less wait time for riders and for results but also watch the contest onsite or on the web.

Also the FIRST EVER Cable Awards for the Orlando Watersports Complex’s riders who have stood out throughout the year.

Grom Division included: Trent Stuckey, Gavin Stuckey, Parker Swope, Joey Gallagher, and Tyler Higham
Pro Division included: Ian Smith, Guenther Oka, Jake Pelot, and Andrew Watson

Winners: Guenther Oka (Pro Men)
Parker Swope (Grom)

In addition to the normal competition, they added a kicker contest to show case some of the young riders and also the Pro’s.
Throwback on it ↓

Orlando Watersports Complex

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