Peter Valfridsson


Hi Peter, can you introduce yourself in few words ?
Hi Unleashed, my name is Peter Valfridsson, and I’m an action sports photographer from Sweden.

First of all, can you tell us how you came to take photos?
I have always been interested in art and creating things. It started with music and painting when I was young. Then one day, 15 years ago, I decided to buy a camera, and that was the best decision I have ever made. Photography combines a lot of creative aspects and is very social which is perfect for me.
First you get the idea of a photo, you find or sometimes create the scenery, and finally you take the photo. It ́s the process I love from planning to shooting, and I am always looking for new spots and ideas.


What art form do you like to put forward in a photo? The trick? The colors? Landscape?
I love to create a story about my photos so would like to put the scenery forward. There are so many good photographers out there, so to be unique you have to create a good scene and story. I also like to shoot with flashes to bring a good light composition into the picture. The finest word I ever heard about my photos was when a friend’s older mother told me, “I love to watch your photos because they are so beautiful.” She does not know what wakeboarding is but can enjoy the story and composition. So when the rider is satisfied and your friend’s mother likes the photo you know it ́s a good one. Thats my goal with a photo, to create good art and I love to create it with wakeboarding and skiing.

Is there a place in Sweden where you like to shoot in particular?
Yes of course in my own cable park, Vasteras Cable Park. There is also a really beautiful 2.0 cable in Gothenburg, Lagunen, with crystal blue water! But most fun is to go out with a winch and find a unique spot. Sweden is an amazing country with a lot of beautiful nature. When the seasons change the colors are beautiful.

Who do you usually shoot?
I like to shoot people with the right attitude, happy people always portray good energy in the photos. We have a lot of good riders in Sweden, and to mention some of them; William Klang, Jeremia Hoppe, Christian Forssten and Carro Djupsjö. I think the most important thing is to have fun.
What kind of camera, flash and radio do you use?
I use a Canon 5D MARK III, and 3 Elinchrome Ranger
flashes. The new transmitter from Elinchrome with Hyper- sync is awesome!

Do you take photos of other sports? Do you also do fashion, weddings, and other stuff?
I also love to shoot freeskiing. In Sweden you have five months shooting wakeboarding and the rest of the time it’s winter so it’s a good combination with wakeboarding and skiing. They are also my biggest passions, skiing and wakeboarding. I have been shooting some catalogues and weddings but it is not my priority.
Do you wakeboard too? Do you find it frustrating sometimes when you see other riders having fun while you’re taking pictures?
Of course I ride! It’s the best thing with everything to combine your passions with photography. I really think you need to practice the sport yourself to make good photos. You need to know when it ́s the right time to take the photo and whats going on out there. I have seen so many good photographers who try to shoot wakeboarding for example and it looks bad because they don ́t know how to ride. I have some kind of letter combination (ADD) so I don ́t like to sit still therefore it ́s a good option to take photos when you rest from riding.

Finally, do you have some important tips to give to those who want to progress on 3W photographies?
Yes go out there and practice the sports you want to take photos of. Learn what happens and watch the riders before shooting them so you can capture their own style in a good way. Some riders will be better in rails and some at kickers and the angle is the next important thing. Try out the spot from different angles before you start shooting. Be patient. Sometimes it takes time to get the right shoot. So it’s important that the riders have the right attitude and you have the same goals for the photo. And don ́t forget to have fun.

Do you have any special congurations?
No, not really. It depends on the weather and light. But I like to use flashes to boost the foreground from the background.
Thanks for your time Peter, if you want to say something else, go for it!
I would like to thank all my friends for always being positive about my crazy ideas and always supporting me with the photos. If you want to see more of my photos just follow me on instagram @picsbypewe

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