PIG Wakeboard | Woody White & Cam Alger


PIG Wakeboard | Woody White & Cam Alger

Woody White gets his budy Cam Alger playing a game of wakeboarding PIG at Wakeboard Naples. Funny how those two are having good vibes on the water ! And are clearly excelent riders too…

PIG Wakeboard

More videos of Woody White on Unleashed Wake Mag !

Wakeboard Naples

Wakeboarding Naples offers professional instruction in wakeboarding, wake surfing, water skiing, and tubing. Riders of all levels will enjoy learning the bare basics or the proper techniques toward new spins, flips, and grabs. Instruction will be on premier equipment by Ronix and customers will ride behind a fully loaded Axis wakeboard boat. The company’s owner is Nick Cankar, an experienced pro rider with over ten years of coaching experience. His many professional achievements include status as the 2011 Men’s World Wakeboard Champion and 2012 National Wakeboard Champion. He is sponsored by Ronix Wakeboards, Axis Wake Research/Malibu Boats, Munson Ski and Marine, Ultimate Detail Customs, and The Sticker Dude.


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