Sewer Cats | a Girls Winching Movie

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Sewer Cats | a Girls Winching Movie

Sewer Cats, when a group of Girls decide to make some Winching movie …

 Sewer cats , under the management of Sina Fuchs the leader of the copycats club ,hit the road to find some sick winching spots.

This group composed by Naomi Wetzel, Joelina Gerards, Luca Glinski, Anne Freyer and Sina Fuchs ,  all motivated to kick some guys asses with this awesome winching movie ,  during 3 weeks they find some sicks places to shred , put the camera  , put the Sculture winch on , and this is the results ….

Enjoy and share the Love …

Sewer cats , the Movie  ….


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Sewer Cats , the Story  …

3 weeks

So three weeks winching is not really three weeks, it started with Anne Freyer asking me what I’m thinking about a winch trip! Thinking? Hell No, Let’s go! So Anne’s Google Maps App starts running more than every other app. Driving around checking spots and spots aaaaand spots.
Hell Yeah, the tour is coming closer, I bought me a camper,  Anne got a trailer from her family and we got the winch by sculpture. Mega Danke!
More chargers, more sd-cards and for sure a kicker. Everything began at Wakepark Brombachsee where we all met to build the kicker. Struggle? Our pink kicker was running perfect with the first hit. We also couldn’t believe it. Okey maybe some more screws but everything else is still ready to shred again. 

5 Girls

It’s five girls, all from Germany. Naomi Wetzels, Joelina Gerards, Luca Glinski, Anne Freyer and myself (Sina Fuchs).
Wakepark Brombachsee was the first base and close to our first spot. A small stream with our own built obstacles. Perfect for checking the winch. 
When I starting snowboarding, nothing could stop me, my passion was born. The magazines and the clips with the girls shredding in the park – all day long. Nothing else was important anymore. Now my snow obsession melted into water but hitting rails in the park is still the same. The difference, it’s not me alone anymore hanging only with guys. It’s me and four others girls sharing the same passion and what the hell, going winching. You kidding me? Dreams comes true!

Pulled By Sculture

Anne was winching 2-3 times before, Joelina, Luca, Naomi and myself not more than one time. What happened was new, with no guys and an electric winch, anything was possible.
Second Stop, Wakepark Aschheim and we hit some spots around there. After that we visited the bricks for a cable shred and then hit the highway again to go to the big city of  Hamburg.
We laughed, we screamed, we had fun, we were exhausted, exploded, enjoyed. At the end we got every kind of feelings in the three weeks. But the most important rule, we were shredding together and staying stoked everyday for everyone in the team. We enjoyed together the sport of wakeboarding. It’s just more than you alone taking some laps around the lake. It’s that together, it’s more fun, that’s the exciting thing…when you don’t know how the day ends.
…there are too many stories to tell you right now, we will tell you more when we catch up the next time! 
Thank you girls for the amazing time!

sewer cats a Girls Winching Movie


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