Shark Rest Bites | Daniel Grant


Shark Rest Bites | Daniel Grant

Shark Rest Bites, the mini web serie by Daniel Grant

Just sponsored by Shark Energy Drink, Daniel Grant launches his monthly mini web serie “Rest Bites” about the “Energy That Travels” .

Every month, he’ll share a resume of his experiences, trips and adventures around the world.

So stay tuned, the next video is coming in early September.

Check out the introduction on #unleashedwakemag

Shark Rest Bites, Episode # 2 February 2018

Episode # 2 February 2018 from Daniel Grant / TAO on Vimeo.

“The season is about to start, as I am heading to Australia for Boardstock and to meet up with Rip Curl. Next episode will give a another summary of the month, featuring the happenings as I travel down under to Australia.”

Shark Rest Bites, Episode # 3 March 2018

Shark Rest Bites # 3. March 2018 from Daniel Grant / TAO on Vimeo.

“Gold Coast Wakepark, Kicker event. With TAO wakeskate.”

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