Shredding the Bangkok’s Floating Markets | Dominik Gührs


Shredding the Bangkok’s Floating Markets | Dominik Gührs

Hustle and bustle wherever you look. A city that’s alive. With a dynamic all its own: colorful, loud and at times overwhelming. Bangkok. The vibrant capital of Thailand possesses a very special allure for its visitors. That’s the case with two-time world champion wakeboarder Dominik Gührs, who spends three months every winter in Thailand to train in warm temperatures and enjoy the Thai way of life. Now for the first time, he’s underway with a winch in search of unique spots in the middle of the metropolis.

Shredding the Floating Markets

Dominik fulfills a long-held dream: to cruise through the narrow waterways of Bangkok with a wakeboard and winch, finding and shredding the best spots on a mission guaranteed to produce spectacular shots. Some highlights include the runs through the famous Ancient City and the bustling Floating Markets, which, thanks to an enormous tidal range of up to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) and lively boat traffic, make for a true winching challenge. “Seaching Bangkok is one of the best experiences of the past few years for me”, Dominik reports from his adventure in Thailand. “It’s a really great feeling to just go wild creatively, and get to ride spots where you know, without a doubt, that no one has ever touched them with a wakeboard before you.” Just take a look:

Dominik Gührs

Dominik Gührs is a German wakeboarding pro who overcame serious injury at 13 years old to become one of the most decorated wakeboarders in his country, and a World Champion to boot. Despite having many accolades under his belt – including numerous German Championship titles, European Championship titles, a second place at the World Championships in the WWA, as well as a People’s Choice Ride of the Year award – Dominik always stays true to his values, putting his friends, family and fans first. 

His’s career hasn’t always been a story of success and plain sailing; his first and worst injury was a dangerous basal skull fracture, which he suffered at the age of 13. But the young German was keen to continue, and went on to win the German Wakeboarding Championship three times (2004, 2005, 2007). In 2006, Dominik ranked second in the German and European Championships and took home a bronze medal from the World Championships in the Juniors category. The story of success continued in 2007 when he took home the prestigious golden crown from the European Cable Wakeboarding Championships (Juniors). With a victory at the World Championships in 2011, followed by the WWA World Tour title in 2012, Dominik continues to strive for domination on the water and consistently racks up event wins and podium finishes to this.

Check out Dominik riding the world’s craziest wakepark.





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