Slingshot Releases the 2016 Nomad‏ , the Board …

2016 Slingshot Nomad

Slingshot Releases the 2016 Nomad‏ , the Board …

Due to the overwhelming success in its debut season, we are pleased to release the 2016 Slingshot Nomad AVAILABLE TODAY! The Nomad made quite the stir in the industry in 2015 with its plus sized lengths and as a result longboarding is well on its way to becoming an official category in the sport of wakeboarding.

Available in a 150 cm, 155 cm, and a 160 cm, the Nomad delivers an entirely new experience on the water designed to increase the riders stability, deliver massive pop and the stablest of landings all while planing at slower boat speeds for a more forgiving and user friendly experience.

NEW FOR 2016 this board comes with Slingshot’s all new G10 fortified Fastrack taking the durability of this board to a whole new level. Whether you’re the captain of the boat and tired of driving or someone who has their heart set on drifting some big grabs and slow spins, the Nomad will surely have you falling in love with the sport of wakeboarding all over again.

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