The Dirge Birge Floatchilla | Bear, SpaceMob & Friends


The Dirge Birge Floatchilla | Bear, SpaceMob & Friends

The Dirge Birge Floatchilla, just an insane shooting story managed by  Mr Golden Bear !

 The birge dirge Floatchilla is  about an insane story about the idea to grab the whole  Spacemob crew , MP Cunningham of the legendary show Aqua Donkeys ,  an the legendary Park Bonifay

and put all those guys  on a trip for an insane shooting under the direction of one of the biggest wakeboard photographer on earth , i named Mr Golden Bear  (Brian Soderlind)

Enjoy the 24 mn video report of this trip  this is high !” 👽

The Dirge Birge highlights ….


For 5 days in late October an all time crew floated, winched, towed, celebrated, spelunked, knee’d, foot’d, laughed and bonded all while covering 58 miles of the historic suwannee river.

Huge thanks to the crew of MP Cunningham, Parks Bonifay, Quinn Silvernale, Constanza Scaglia, Daryl Znebel, Crosse Bearden, and Wesley Mark Jacobsen (and Chopstix for his special appearance). Everyone came ready for an unknown adventure and helped create one of those most memorable trips of a lifetime. Footage featured shot by the whole team.

Edit: Mike Marshall

Vessels: Dirge Birge Pontoon, Sea-Doo Wake Pro, Sea-Doo Spark

More Video about the SPACE MOB Crew


The Space Mob is a group of like minded individuals pushing the limits of what can be done on a wakeboard.  Our popularity in wakeboarding has come from producing two full length “street” style movies along with countless web edits pushing style and creativity.  We spend most of our time at the most progressive wake park in the world, Valdosta Wake Compound.  But we also travel around the world to different wake spots and spread the Mob love.

 Visit Their Website #SPACEMOBTV

More about The “Golden Bear”

Bryan Soderlind enjoys all things Sunshine State as he was born in Pensacola, FL and currently resides in Orlando, FL.  He picked up a camera when he was twenty and loves capturing people, places, and action on film. His friends refer to him as the “Golden Bear” as he bears a strong resemblance to retired pro golfer, Jack Nicklaus. Please visit


 Visit his Instagram #thegoldenbear

The Dirge Birge Floatchilla


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